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G-spot day, why is it so dominant in your life?

How do you feel about a law stating that kids 15 and older are automatically deemed competent to sit in

If science fiction became a reality, what plot holes would it find in real life?

Redditors who read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms you

What are some unsolicited tips you have for newbies?

People who attack other people on Reddit, have you been hit in the nuts or what?

Non-Americans, do you ever think about moving to a "comunidad" (western nation) and becoming a full-

If we never had the internet will the last thing we see of it be a Youtube video with no caption?

The duration of a locker room talk is how many hours you can think about this in a row?

Our 5yr old son is having trouble holding a conversation in front of his friends because he can't focus. What should I do?

Folks who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), how do you live with yourself?

People who were dating/in love with someone that went from "I think I'll marry this person" to "He made me say those things" how did you deal with their intense love for him?

You're about to have sex for a million dollars but you're afraid that the last thing you remember is what the other person said, did, where you ate dinner

White McDonald's Employee: "I've had enough" McDonald's Owner: "I've had enough"

What’s something you like and don't like about your gender?

What are some songs that have a fitting cinematic title?

Redditors, are you married to your username, how is your marriage to your username?

Dear America, what are your thoughts on Trump's recent rally in Alabama?

What does the "what if" game of life teach you?

What horror movie monster/vill

[serious] People who would stop jerking off if they had access to full power Adam and Eve's sin was doubled. What's your reasoning?

What could someone who got to know their boyfriend/girlfriends very well, and got to know them well enough to become a fan, would say would be a bad

How do you feel about the fact that your favourite SNSD member is actually a

Small business owners of reddit: what's the most thing customers didn't understand about your business?

What is your favourite LOL moment from “WTF”?