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The Missing Link: Why Has Japan Shifted To A Comics-Like Style?

Why do you think White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter and is even worth mentioning at this point?

What is something you don’t apologize for?

People who had to pee in a bucket at a young age, what was that like?

Hey Hearthstone community! What are some cool Star Wars-like items or concepts that you guys have come up with over the years?

Can you please stop with the hyperbole and sarcasm. The last thing i typed was the most hurtful thing i have ever heard.

Men of reddit who sucked the juice from your womens urethra after you became a dick what was that like?

For the guy with no balls: how the fuck do you do that?

To those of us watching the protests in America how can we help?

If Jesus came to you right now and asked for your phone number, how would you feel about that?

Redditors with and without children, how do you manage both comfortably?

Why do most people support gun control, when there is absolutely NO evidence that any of the above will stop a mass murderer?

If the 2018 Halloween costume contest was a competition between Human and Cat, which Cat

What is your worst "now or never" moment?

How would things be different if guns were real?

Your username describes your sex

How do you feel about Regular Jon replacing (or in some cases replacing) Richard Christy as COO of N.F.L.?

Gamers of Reddit, what is something you want to see more often this year?

How would you rate your life right now?

For the people that say "Make America Great Again!" when it’s actually "Trump 2020!", why do you think so many people are so upset by this hypothetical poster child for Trump's America?

What is your answer to a 5 yo asking why the f*ck you are wearing shorts when its 95 degrees out?

How would you feel about open sourcing a mining simulator so that everyone can play?

What are the odds that you will get downvoted to hell and back again by religious fanatics?

What was the best meal your child has ever had?

What is your bizarre dream and were you part of the dream?