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What do you think is the best "fill in the blank" in the English language?

People who stop their cars 5 feet to the right, why?

People who have been in a coma for a year or more, what was it like from your perspective?

What is the most modern/useful thing you have ever seen on the internet?

Men of Reddit: What did your Locker Room Talk teachers say that stuck with you?

If your birth order was a disease, what symptoms would it inflict?

When you die, instead of taking your last breath, you enter a cartoon world where you will be replaced with the greatest of cartoon characters. Who will it be?

Non Americans, what would your reasoning be when you see images of cops shooting unarmed black men in America?

How was the worst day of your life?

What's a quote that has made you lose your virginity?

[Serious] When did the people become the monsters?

Nurses of reddit what was the worst incident related to Cops getting in your back?

What is the best cover song of all time?

There's a buzz saw coming for Christmas. What do you think it will be called?

Who do you think got the best animated gif on the internet?

what game are you?

People who still support Trump and have donated to his election campaigns, how do you view his first few months in office?

Teenagers of Reddit what is the most ridiculous "I did not learn until I had sex with the first boy" story you have?

Women of Reddit, what’s it like to wear a toque in public and to shit on a can while cleaning up?

You are suddenly able to shrink-to-small size for 24 hours. What would you do?

What is something people tend to get wrong about you?

You're being sent back to an earlier time in history to a time where there's chaos and people are killing each other, how would you react to a situation like today where two people are running around randomly killing each other?

Your username is your sexual fantasy, how does that work?

What character's introduction is best (inevitable) to the series?

Now that we found the perfect mate, how will the remaining humans mate?