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What do you think about K-pop and why?

People of Reddit who had an abortion, would you do it again?

If you can only appear once in a video game, what would it be?

At this point in 2020, what are you most excited about?

Ladies, just like the guys, you guys also get to pick which underwear color combo you are going to wear

What is the best/most interesting question you've ever heard a police question and how do you answer them?

With all of the negative press covid-19 is getting right now, it can be difficult to keep track of the various hoaxes and fabrications being spread across the internet. What’s a good starting point when trying to keep abreast of the various happenings in life?

What is the best short story ever written?

What are some funny questions so far this AMA?

What are some GREAT online resources to learn new skills/achievements quickly and effectively?

Vegans of reddit, when you're razor sharp, how much is a day like?

Every character has a story. What is yours?

Who has the best movie quote of all time ?

With all of the hate going around right now, it can be difficult to spot signs of progress. What’s something you’ve noticed in a friend or a person you meet?

Can we please stop with the upvotes? Especially since the only thing this is good for is bringing back the downvoting bots?

Fugitives of Reddit, what’s it like in the brig?

What is your craziest homo sapien story?

It's 2 AM and I'm in a bad mood, can u help?

People with birthmarks: how do you look at this? Do you feel bad? Do you feel bad about it?

If you find it any fun to mock the people who post stupid questions on r/AskReddit, why don't you do the same with people who do ask stupid questions?

Does anyone remember when there was a time where the thought of landing on the moon was ..... well ... romantic?

What do u think about ur 11 year old self right now?

What exactly do

If you had to invent a brand-new, never before seen movie, what would it be?

[serious] what would happen to the USA if Trump won an election?