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What is something you're super proud of as a Geek, but would be embarrassed by your friends?

Those who were victims of sexual abuse, was it ever ok for you to talk about it?

[serious] Non-Americans, why are you so obsessed with us?

Has anyone

People who have really bad acne, what exactly is lying under there?

What will the first post on Reddit be?

Harry Potter: Year One

What do you think of cosplaying as a karen?

People who use Myspace, why?

If you were to create a new religion, what would it be ?

what are some examples of “if only…would've been …” you have done in a porno?

Which books do you have a problem with?

How do you guys feel about a ban on the “how would you feel” questions?

People who are closing stores or driving their businesses out of state, why?

Which Space Jam was your favorite?

How have you answered bad news?

What game are you planning to play one day?

What is the worst time you've ever felt anger?

To the women of reddit, how does it feel like having a vagina? Do you enjoy having a vagina? Or are you sick of having a vagina?

Why do you think so many people like Trump and continue to support him even when itís apparent to

What’s one moment that you would consider the highest and lowest point in your life to date?

People who played the last real life version of a video game, what was it like to do and was it successful?

[serious] People of Reddit that are driving or who have been driving while high ( high speed gaffes ), how does it make you feel mentally?

What is your opinion on the name Puke?

What’s a movie you loved as a child but as an adult would have hated as a child?