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You are given control of the power to change any rule in the world. What rule would you change?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the most thing sucks about your childhood?

When did you realize your half-sister was a lesbian?

How does one go about getting a real job?

How do you feel about the fact that life is a simulation and everything is a computer program?

If you were to write a fictional biography of someone who is completely unintelligent (i.e. you're a police officer) what fictional character would you write?


What's the most overused excuse an industry will give for why their product or product category sucks?

To the USA redditors , what is your opinion on the wars in the country right now and the riots that have broken out in the last few days?

You are offered the opportunity to inherit the perfect body. However, you gain none of the natural advantages, nor do you experience any illness or injury. Instead, you remain in your current physical state. Do you accept? Why, why not?

Do you guys have any pet peeves? If so, why?

What is a real life example of “Rule 34”, and what is the sub-Reddit?

what’s something that you liked in the past but now think was a bit much?

What is one thing you do that annoys the hell out of you?

What has been a huge wake up call for you

What would be the coolest way to make millions online?

How would the "Bad Post" folder be different if someone wrote a post about it?

Whats your weirdest "fancy" of life?

Masseuses of Reddit, have any of you ever had a client who got a boner on taking their shirt off? How did it go?

What do you think of the fact that Reddit is down right now?

What are some NSFW tidbits from your childhood?

If videogames had a comment section similar to porn, what would the comments be like?

People of Reddit with sons that are diagnosed with autism, do you prefer sons who have an 'introvert' personality, or sons who have an 'ex-boyfriend' personality?

I am an only child and am about to start kindergarten in July. What are some things that are definitely way overpriced?

When you were first busted with porn, what excuse did you give for what you found out later?