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What's the best way to deal with a toxic boss?

Redditors, who's your favourite child star?

People who have actualy had sex with a family member, if it was possible what would you do?

When you were first busted with porn, what excuse did you have to your parents?

What do you think about LGBTQ characters on the TV show Entourage?

How do you feel about an MLM-like product where you sell a product but also a service that allows you

What is the most hypnotic video game cue you have ever experienced?

What are some of the best and most useful Google Chrome extensions?

If Trump wins and Republicans take back the House and keep the Senate, will you cease to be an unrepentant racist?

What questions do you have for the celebrity fan club?

What was the most fun thing you did as a child?

Alright, I. But Whats My Rights as an American?

What was the most inappropriate thing you've done as a kid?

What would be the time you fucking took a million dollars and 20 dogs and made them the butt of the joke?

What is the most creative thing your sibling has ever done for you?

What is the first non-biased, trustworthy news source?

Why can't we all just agree that everyone is a f*cker ?

You can replace one word in your favorite song title with the word "penis." What do you choose?

Girls of Reddit what’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve ever shown off to a guy?

People of Reddit who were involved with animals. How did it affect your interactions with animals?

Non drinking people of Reddit, how would you describe your sex life?

How is everybody's gay right now?

Pit Bullies of Reddit, What Pics Have You Taken Personally?

When did you have enough?

People of Reddit who have an allergy to MSG, what is it made of and what can you say as a person who has tried it)?