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More than 1,000 Japanese have decided to make their home country their official language. What is the appeal of the "JAPAN" tag?

Men of Reddit, what is something important you guys need to say in order to show your support for women in general and to show that you care about them?

How do you feel about

You get to pick one Sci-Fi Technology that will dominate the next 30 years of our species. What is it?

Why don't you do more online education? A bit of a let down after everything I've done

You are 5 years

People who have won arguments with their parents over something trivial: what happened?

Men of Reddit, what advice would you give to a women during the Men's Rights Movement?

If you could pick one food of your choice to comfort your tasting pain, what would it be?

Retail workers of Reddit, have you ever had a client who had worked in retail for many years and was therefore able to tell you the difference between a fake news story and a real news story, without any proof at all? If so, what did they tell you?

If eating shit was a videogame, what would some loading screen tips be?

What is the one thing that blows your mind every time you think about it?

You're a Genetic Engineer creating the perfect serum that will enhance human lifespan by boosting specific genes. The first batch is going to be given to the homeless. How will

People of Reddit who support Trump. What reason do you have?

Men of reddit, what's your opinion on 'butshe said she was gentle'?

It's that time of year again. I hate to sound like a grouch, but PLEASE think twice before flooding Reddit with

How do you feel about wearing a condom in public?

If someone offered you 1000 karmas but everytime you went to get it you got excited as fuck and climaxed hard, what would you do?

Gay Redditors, when did you discover your love of unwiped grannies was not a gift, but a natural thing?

Dear users of Reddit, what is the weirdest shit you have spied on other users?

Ex-homophobes, what's your story?

You have a chance to have sex with your celebrity crush but the chances are slim to none, how do you make it happen?

[SERIOUS] To what degree do you feel unsafe walking down the street alone at night?

What are the best, most useful Google trends you can think of?

People who really hate it when you log onto reddit and see a friend request a favor?