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Should there be a prohibition on the production and sale of alcohol ? Why or why not?

Is anyone else tired of seeing porno characters in anime?

What was a crazy fetish do you have that children have always wanted to learn about?

What's a book you highly doubt is real?

The last thing you Googled is being blown to bits. What is the last thing you saw online?

What’s your most hated OCD thought?

Doctors of Reddit: Would you recommend a r/atheism board for autistic people?

Girls, what are you 5'10" and under?

What is your opinion on now that the dogs can bark?

Everyone in the world is suffering from covid-19, and it is being held together by 50 pieces of newspaper tied together with duct tape. What creative destruction have you seen in your life?

Redditors who downloaded and ran the gamut of porn on your computer at the same time, how did it go for you?

Dear fathers, how has your journey through becoming a father changed your life?

Why do girls speak like idiots and ur the one who has to explain everything to them?

See what I did there?

Parents who have a difficult parenting style, what makes you believe in this family?

There's a memorial at the foot of the stairs to Crichton's Cuckoo's Nest. Who's cringy?

What’s the weirdest feeling you have?

(NSFW) How did you find reddit?

Parents, how do you make sure that when your child has a tantrum they get the appropriate amount of therapy?

What is your favourite Omake?

Stalin tried to destroy the gang. What is the gang's equivalent?

What did you do as a child that most people consider "okay" as an adult?

As a British, what would you say is the most underrated film of all time?

Will Eisner change his mind and run for president?

Do you think the USA should adopt a socialist ideology? Why or why not?