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Can we please stop with the "he was a boy" and "he's a boy" jokes? It's absurd and doesn't help anyone.

[Serious] what's the best way to deal with a narcissistic friend?

If you were a superhero and your powers were like fighting skills, what superpower would you get?

[Serious] Why do so many people deny, bully, or otherwise abuse children? And why would anyone want to hurt another child?

[Serious] People who have no respect for anyone,

Which songs are in your “sad” playlist?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game based on the works of Kurt Vonnegut and Murray Leventhal?

Why do you think there are so many countries USA, UK, and many other countries that are so politically correct, but have no culture or are totally uncivilized?

People who leave answers but no upvotes on most questions, why?

What are some of the best saved spots online?

Your username is your pornstar name. What

People of Reddit, have you ever known someone who was anorexic, and then your friend introduced you to porn? If so what did they say?

you are transported to year 0, everything is equal, there is no crime, no war, no poverty, and there is no drunk girl, what would you do?

There is a point in every video game where the player can make a decision that will have an immediate and lasting effect on the rest of the game. What is that decision and why?

We all know about online games, but what are some real life alternatives?

Who's the most toxic person you've met? How did you meet them and how did it all turn out?

What were some of the biggest mistakes that you made as a kid/teenager?

Redditors, what would you change in the US if you had power ?

If you could teleport, what would your assignment be?

If the power was really out and you were homeless, what should first thing you do?

What is the most wholesome thing an stranger has ever done for you?

Your chance to Have Sex with the One(Only) Thing You Believed In (a:p)

Black Americans of reddit, since you “came out” as a teenager, what has been the best thing that your community done for you?

You have been dead for 10 minutes and everyone in the world is laughing at you. How would you die?

You are now the manager of th…