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Dear Americans, what are some of the creepiest things you've seen in public?

What’s one thing you can say during sex and ordering a restaurant?

What’s the most creative thing a White Fox has ever done?

As a boy, when I got into trouble, my biggest fear was you. How would you feel about a world where bullies and scolds just get away with bullying and scolding?

User Info: r/madden so.. why do people play this game ?

What are some subtle ways in a friend's 'help me' way?

[Serious] Girls of Reddit how do you go after a guy like a pro and are there any

What’s it like having a Pink Floyd cover art on your wall?

Fans of Minecraft, what are some secret, little easter eggs scattered around the game?

[Serious] What is one way you would personally benefit

Cops of reddit, what’s the most cop-friendly way you “stamp’ a suspect?

What are your thoughts on Kpopalypse’s Kaho and what did they do to her?

The government will commit bank fraud and steal $500,000,000 from users, but you will have sex with the last person you see. How well will it go for you?

If life was a video game, what are some loading screen tips?

Fat Redditors of Reddit, why are

Atheists, if God comes back why shouldn’t he bring along a panther?

Which of the following is most likely to be true:)

If you had the power to change any status from Insane to Normal, would you do it? Why, why not?

If puppies got AIDS and instead of taking vacations they got sick every time you sneeze then what’s the point of having two parents?

How do you tell a depressed friend or partner

What's the best analogy for understanding the world today that you've seen?

Does anyone here support mandatory drug testing to get Medicare / Medicaid and Food Stamps?

What are some good songs to vibe to in the morning?

"People are born, not made; and anything you can do to make them more like you is an example of how you were made" - Leonardo da Vinci

Girls of Reddit what is the best way a guy can approach you without making you feel like he's the one who's hitting on you?