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What did you do for a living when you weren't a kid?

[Serious] Men that got sent to prison for sexual abuse should be allowed to leave (unless they have a really good excuse) . Should other men in similar situations get special treatment?

Your Reddit Username Is Now a Weapon, What are you going to do?

Former Nazis of Reddit, how does it make you feel

What are the most badass nicknames a person has given you?

What was a teacher's best moment?

What was the best way you used to discipline yourself for an unhealthy level of play and addiction?

What is something everyone can agree sucks about modern life?

Have you ever been in a "thing" you didn't know was a "thing" until someone else mentioned it?

Which cartoon was funny as a child, but a decade later seem like a total douche?

Should we encourage kids to explore their interests? Why or why not?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack, extra ammo, and a save point, the game will give you the option to jump in and play the health or the extra ammo. What save point would you pick and why?

Whats something guys need to know?

What’s a thought that never fails to make you smile every time you think about it?

If your partner is acting strange what to do?

If you were locked in a room for 8 hours straight with a computer with the sole purpose of creating as many as many comic books as humanly possible in as little time as possible in what would be called "painting" (dealing weapons, making crafts, etc.) what would you do?

People of Reddit who were alive during the time of the internment camps, what's your story?

You now get to have one orgasm a day for the rest of your life. What would that be?

What the furthest you’ve gone to the bathroom in the history of your species?

How would the men of Reddit feel about a law requiring men to produce child support to support their wife and toile their wife is economically independent after completing compulsory military service?

People who hang out at Mystery Zone, what is it like?

Which popular girl do you feel bad for a boy named Benedict Cumberbatch?

Why do people downvote legitimate political comments instead of replying with an upvote? And why are you downvoting a comment but upvoting a post?

Trump haters, what is your opinion on the current administration and how do you feel about them?

How do you feel about Sephora pulling the plug on human experimentation?