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What ingredients are in one big mixing bowl?

People with 1000 karmas why?

Beautiful people with big egos, how do you manage with the jealousy and the pressure of being the center of attention?

Dear reddit, you are in the year 2048, the internet is a drab 20th century, no computers or smartphones, no wi-fi. How would you and your friend simil.

What songs make you feel good?

Their minions are in the mountains, they are hunting a mammoth that has cubs, what do you men do to win the battle?

What is the best way to make the people at your job understand you mean what you're trying to do?

What’s something that is considered socially acceptable now but which you wouldn’t do if you thought about it ten years ago?

How do you guys find motivation to workout every single day ?

Which Animals Would You Deceive Into Slaying?

What do you think your job is?

Gun experts of Reddit, what's the straight best ammo you can buy?

What is the best Android game you've played on so far?

Former Flat-Earthers, what is now the dominant view of the universe?

How come so many people support Trump and not leave the comments?

As a nerd who loves a good mystery, what is your biggest find to date?

For the longest time, I believed in Santa and was afraid of the man behind the wheel. However, after taking the wheel for a few days, it turns out that Santa is actually pretty nice!

What are some fake stories inspiring people to change their lives?

What do you think the max would be under Trump's leadership?

What would you do if you found out that your best friend is a homo sapien?

Hey reddit, what is the best way to ruin a perfectly good conversation?

What would your ideal country be?

What is your opinion on what is happening in the world right now?

Trump voters, what are your top 3 Trump-era complaints?

Ladies of Reddit, what do girls over the age of 30 do that still get you hot?