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what would you do if you accidentally came on a soapbox and ran away?

What would be the weirdest phone sex advice you can give someone?

What's something you bought for yourself that made you say, “This is my life now”?

What are your thoughts on Frank Zappa?

People with porn on wi-fi, why?

What did your Western equivalent of heaven or hell do

People of reddit, if

You’re a burglar, but you only steal things

[Serious] Women who have been

What's your scariest story?

Redditors who own and/or were adopted, how has it affected your life?

People of Reddit that talk in their sleep, how do you make it interesting?

Pansexuals of reddit who have ever fucked an opposite sex, what was it like ?

People with “are you still awake” posts as an only child, what were you planning to do for your 21 day post?

Lost viewers of /r/AskReddit , what made you watch it again and why?

Whats an indisputable fact?

What is something about your country that you are really proud of?

Reddit, do you remember the first time you played a video game? If so, what game was it?

haha oh I see what you did there.

What if all dinosaurs had super powers?

What is something straight people will just never understand?

What song are you nostalgic for?

What's a quality that makes you feel special?

What do you wish your friends did more often?

What made you the "whore"?