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What is your opinion on people who don’t wear a hijab in public?

This week marks the one year anniversary of the day George Floyd died. Since then, the world has changed profoundly. What’s your experience of that day?

If marriage equality became a reality in America how would things change?

If you were to write a book, what would it be

What is the most badass thing you've done on a date?

What would be the sexiest sex you've ever had ?

What was your “there was that happened” that you were so sad about?

What is the biggest mistake that you are proud of making and would do anything to correct it?

If your life was a series of Poker Face conditions, what are the poker face conditions?

What do you think about Dave Chapelle's recent statements regarding white privilege and Dave's racism?

What’s one “how could that possibly be possible” story that you’ve heard?

If a virus killed you could go back in time to a time of peace and harmony, what would your choices be?

How do you feel about /r/askreddit now that it has a mod team?

What do you think of Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak in Puerto Rico?

Which band have you listened to more of?

People who took the acid test today, did you pass? If not what did you take the acid test for?

How do you feel about LGBT in movies?

What is something that everyone likes but you absolutely hate?

Those who have seen a family member on crack, how does it feel to them?

What exactly are you NOT willing to do for your sex life?

What's the most useful NSFW tag you can come up with?

How did you find / create your reddit account?

[Serious] If You Found Out That The Population Was Being Remotely Mass Mind-Controlled via Electromagnetic Radiation Weapons (Dictating Thoughts and Behavior), What Would You Do?

A college student on his way to class one day discovers he is an alien from outer space. What is the strangest thing he has seen in space?

So, what's the dumbest thing you've ever heard a pro say in a game of tryh?