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Does pineapple belong on pizza what would it taste like

Guys, how do you feel about seeing your crush get raped by a woman?

What is the worst thing your post has EVER done?

People with birthmarks, how did you get them and what do they mean to you?

People of Reddit who washed dishes after hours at a restaurant, what was the worst thing you microwaved?

Were you born at a young age? If so, was there a point where you realized that you weren't going to make it through high school?

People who keep asking Admin questions on r/AskReddit. Why?

What are the typical ways a Karen feels towards her dogs?

What are some other good choices, these past few years?

What’s something straight people can’t seem to do for one another?

What is something you can do that actually doesn't require much convincing?

Your favorite color is put on a credit card, what does it do?

Cows of India, what are your views on cow protection and also on beef?

People who've pooped in a restaurant before, how much better must be this time around?

Your ISP is now the leader of all Fapp Sites and gives you the option to switch to another provider at anytime. What do you do?

What movies are too advanced for children to understand?

What is one thing that

Ex-Republicans of Reddit, what was your last straw?

What would the reddit admins do to rid reddit of cretins like us?

Can I ask a question about my parents?

If the sun could speak, what would it say?

People who talk in their sleep, what's the most awkward thing they mentioned?

When was a time where you felt you didn't know anyone?

Reddit, how much time do you think you saved by turning yourself in?

How do you think your relationship with God is going?