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If each country had a national catch phrase or slogan, what would your countries be?

[serious] What's a secret that at one point made you question your existence?

What are some tips for beginners on Reddit?

Fat, nerdy, white, gay, or some other socially inept? What's your preferred identity?

What is something you can do to better yourself?

What should people do if their parents named them Karens?

Black Americans of Reddit, what are you opinions on the riots that have been going on in your community?

Is the USA the best country for moving to now?

Which character from all of fiction is your favorite?

People who are dividing up the world into trilogies (two wheelers, motorcycles, airplanes, etc.) and driving to work in them one day, how can you expect Japan to live with the fact that you have two wheels and a plane on an average day?

Reddit, what is your opinion on "girls get to decide whether or not they want to become a grocer"?

If your username is how you died, how would you have died?

People that wrote the reddit post where the cat farts farthest?

Why do you think people still hate the war on drugs ?

What was the best drinking game you played/created/domesticated in college?

Teachers of reddit, what is one thing that you wish kids had as careers?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the best way an unfriended friend has ruined your relationship?

Who will the best Batman villain be?

Which is the best thing ever made?

Cows of India, what is it like to have cowbells stuck in your ass and how do you feel about it?

What are some TV shows that are perfect in every way?

My dad's been working on a ice scraping device for a few years but has been struggling to find a way to market it, so I ask Reddit, what does reddit think of his work?

What was your “it didn’t go well” like day?

How much would you put into a time machine and why?

People with "from now on you are the only one" t-shirts: what is with everyone else being an asshole?