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What is the funniest story of being turned on by the internet?

What is the best thing you bought for yourself that made you happy?

Girls of reddit what do you

What’s something about yourself that most people have embarrassed you?

It's that time of year again? You're in the mall, seeing all these little girls getting their asses kicked and one of them says "I'll give you one hundred million won if you stick your dick in my chick's ass". What’s the most sexiest thing you ever did?

[Serious] what are some of the dumbest shit you've heard come out of someone's mouth?

So, you wake up in the middle of the night, go to the kitchen, grab the remote, and start playing loud music. Then you go outside and start shouting. What song do you play?

What are some LGBTQIA+ historical figures you

People who decided they wanted to be a professional gamer, what was your training like?

What are some classic anime fics you love?

What's a strange thing that made you think you were a kid again?

What are some great alternatives to reddit?

Your superhero costume is now a condom. Without getting caught, can you still get superpowers?

[Serious] What's your "they didn't mean to hit on me" story?

Parents, what are signs of a neglectful, but just as loving, parent?

Waste Collection

Redditors, what are your plans for the big day?

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What's a book you can't live without?

What are the pros and cons of doing porn with your dad?

What was your best "Holy f*ck that

There is a 5 year old boy that just got an iPhone 6s for the first time. What do you think he's downloading right now?

[Serious] When did someone actually give you a reason to live?

You’re the cop who cracks a bad case of drunk driving. What happened?

How would you feel about a pornstar that could suck cock like a pro?