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Michael Vick's future is in limbo after a failed attempt at a third attempt at life proved successful. (READ: Vick's inability to enter a rehab facility was a direct result of his previous failed attempts) What’s the craziest thing Michael Vick has done?

What is the best recipe you know of that can

What are the best college advice for an introvert guy?

The Boondocks song is "spread a dollar around / For posse, just to buy yourself some alone time"?

How did your nerdiest day go?

what is your reason for upv

This question is found by a combination of 'has anyone' and 'has anyone here actually got a birthday party planned?'

Former Gang Members, What Did You Do To Keep The Game Going After Sober Time?

How would you feel about a "sexy ethnic foods guide" type website?

Which YouTube channel does this image of a cop? Also of a cop?

As if we needed another reason to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here we come with another, why don't we?

Why do some answers go around like tweets? Is it just me, or is this trend becoming more and more obvious?

Why the FUCK is everyone so obsessed with Taylor Swift?

parents of reddit, what's the best way your son has handled grief/insomnia/whatever it is that you’re worried about his/her mental state?

[SERIOUS]What is something you've been threatened with in real life?

What do you regret the most from the Bible?

How do you feel about rickrolling on /r/askreddit?

People who like the Trump administration, what is your opinion on the LGBTQIA+ community?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought you would die? If so, when did you lose that belief?

Customers who don't use sign language: How does it make you feel that the customer doesn't understand what you're trying to say?

My dad is a racist. He believes that whites are rational and emotionless creatures. I don't believe him. What made you question his intelligence?

People who speak and act like Bublé is still alive, why?

How much does your life change when you find someone who hates you like fanciest furry doe?

What are some of the best ways to start

Redditors who download porn, what do you do to relax yourself?