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Why did you support Trump?

What do you think about Ryan Murphy being the

What are the most creative death scenes you have ever witnessed?

Non redditors of reddit what is your reason for not joining ???

What happens if someone stabs you 50 times in self defense?

Teachers of Reddit, what are some of the best/most creative ways of bullying students?

What is your favorite non-pizza related GIF?

Why is it that Reddit seems so hostile towards women?

Those who like Donald Trump: what made you change your opinion?

What would your ideal gun would be?

What is your favourite "Scare"?

How would you feel about replacing the entire Reddit management team with robots?

Uni students of reddit, what are some interesting alternatives to the four years degree you are studying?

Kids in 3rd grade took out a whole floor to beat the life out of my best friend, what happened?

Gym goers of Reddit, what are some things that make others lose interest?

If your girlfriend was in your moms body, and your mom was in your girlfriends body, who would you have sex with to get back to normal?

Boys, you'll be 13 again next week, how are you

Dads of Reddit what would you do if that thing turned out to be a spoiled rich kid's life partner?

How would you feel about making half of America the butt of jokes for the rest of your life?

Is there a proper way to deal with someone who always upvotes your post just because it got a huge upvote)?

If 2014 was the year of robots, what automation will take over in the next 12 months?

What’s something that you can still do today to make someone hate you?

Hey reddit, what were some of the creep

What is the most heart-stoppingly awkward thing your brain has ever done to you?

What is a sport that a kid could potentially become good at in the next 5-10 years?