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How do I tell my boyfriend he’s an asshole?

What are the reasons why a person is the way they

What is an automatic, understandable choice?

What's one iconic image from your childhood?

People who live near the places shown in "Diners, Drive in and Dives", what is it like to actually have a "life partner" (friend, acquaintance, etc) with each other, and how do you feel about them knowing you like this?

Redditors with jobs who wish their boss would go to work from home; why?

What are some of the BIG issues that are dominating the news right now?

[Serious] Do not give Reddit a spin. Recycle everything you own.

What's something to say to someone who gets mad over anything?

What can you say while camping and when you’re not being chased by bears or cannibals?

What was your “it wasn’s a pain in the ass” moment?

Why do you support Bernie and not Trump?

What isn't a necessity, but is very important in your life?

Would you try and save the world one day? Why or why not?

What is your favourite The Last Airbender episode?

If you could pick 1 super power, what would it be?

Please God damn it stop with the sex, its dumb why the fap so much and why don't you even try it its like 2 jump fapping sessions a day its dumb why don't you just give up on life why the fuck?

What can the WORST possible response to "I love you"?

To the 100 people who have been targeted by a knife-wielding maniac, how are you now?

Who is better, Leonardo Da Vinci or Donatello Da Vinci?

HELP! Someone help me! My Apple TV has stopped working and I can't access iTunes or Netflix.

What is one thing people always ask you about your hobbies?

What to do if you have a delusional son who takes aim at imaginary objects with his ugly moustaches and your face is shaved?

What was the worst thing anyone has done to you?

How long do you thing “I’m back” Belle Delphine's quote will always be a part of your mind?