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If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, what would society immediately fall back on?

You are now the manager of envy, the opposite of Mr. Right. You get to pick any new title and be the butt of all jokes. What do you pick?

Teenagers of Reddit, what would you like your parents to stop doing?

What do you think about plumbers and electricians?

People of Reddit that were given the

People with fat asses, why?

Which real life example have you seen others copy/pasted from other people's lives?

If science fiction became a reality, what would some of the major themes be?

Reddit, I thought I was alone until I got a text from my cat. Is someone out there faking this experience?

Teenagers of Reddit, what is something you wish everyone knew about teenagers?

Men, if it was scientifically proven that gender doesn't exist, would you prefer a muscular, build, blue collar worker who doesn't use computers, drives a truck, does laundry, cleans houses, or a woman who can and does use computers? Why?

If you suddenly came into the room 5 years ago and you were the district attorney, what would your opening statement be?

What is the most inflammatory lie a Trump supporter has told you?

People who want to be the next president of the United States: what is your dream job?

Add "in my ass" to the end of a popular YouTube video title. What is the

In what position do you get the best view of the world?

Ladies of Reddit, what is the most sexiest thing that have ever happened to you?

What can one day make a huge difference in your life?

[serious] Liberals who are actually committed to being an independent, why do you still support President Trump?

Shy/introverted people of reddit, how open are you to socializing with people?

[Serious] Conservatives, what's your opinion on Trump?

What is one memory from your childhood that makes you feel proud?

People who think Racist jokes are funny. Why?

What's the coolest website you’ve visited in Japan?

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