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What was the worst place you've ever been surprised by a 'climbing wall' that other people didn't expect?

What was the best time to get a girlfriend?

What was a minor inconvenience that you had to live with for the rest of your working career?

Why is it that when I give Bob Rossas aftershaves, he immediately goes from "Wow that was nice" to "Bob Rossa!"

Republicans of Reddit, what is your opinion on Trump's comments on Kony earlier this year?

What was something that made the

What movie would be a lot shorter if the main characters were able to communicate with each other without using sign language?

How do you feel about the fat girls n stuffies again?

*Question of ethics? If you suddenly became the president of the United States, would you do it? Why, would you do it? Would it be a good or a bad thing?

What's your favourite country or continent?

Is it still okay to enjoy browsing reddit and jacking in the

Were you born? If so, how did you get your name?

You’re dating a handsome guy who is gorgeous to everyone but you. One day, you decide to take his place at your place's wedding. What’s your first move?

Former Flat-Earthers, what was the final straw?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully bash the world with impunity? How did that experience change your perspective on life?

How would you feel about a "back to sleep" button for your smart phone?

Which F-15 can hold its own in a dogfight?

What foods never fail to please?

How does it feel that you got to meet your childhood friends?

Which sports teams are the cream of the crop, and arent all that great?

My girlfriend is having a hard time connecting on her own and needs a little validation. How do I get it?

Your account is down for 24-hours. What do you do?

Why do you think gay people aren’t allowed in the military?

Does drinking (regular or black) any other beverages besides water help to lose weight fast? If so how do you do it?