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Cops of reddit, what’s the most thing a cop did that you liked?

What's the most egregious lie a romantic partner has told you?


Do you support mandatory drug testing in everything you do, whether it's your job, your love life, etc? Why or why not?

Men, what’s the weirdest thing your penis has done to you?

Hey reddit. What's the strangest thing you've found online?

What is your happiest moment from high school ?

When has a person, in an attempt to be cool, actually become cool?

[Serious] What was the moment that changed your life forever?

What are some GREAT things Donald Trump has done since he came into office?

What “can’t cut to the chase” mistakes made by the average joe every now and then?

Reddit, what song are you sad about?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the most awkward moment your had to teach?

Gamers of Reddit, what is one memory from your childhood that never fails to make you smile every time you think about it?

What are your own personal experiences of discovering you have no self control?

(NSFW) People of Reddit who lost their virginity, how does it feel like?

What is the most cringe thing you have ever done as a teen?

Have you ever thought you would be famous? If so, how?

Any girls who were captured and turned into furry toys, would you still pretend to be human and why?

What is the best sound to an empty room?

People who got a post on front page of Reddit today. How did you do it and what was it about?

There are roughly 250,000 to 300,000 actual U.S. citizens, how would you feel about a national poll on how American are you?

(Only real words) What would be a newscast question perfect for this time of year?

What's your greatest and saddest single skill?

What was your best "coming of age" moment?