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Redditors, which fictional character do you feel sympathy for?

What's the perfect gift to give someone you don’t know?

People of reddit, are you politically correct when discussing sensitive subjects like 9/11 or life? If so, how do you reconcile your strong opinions with the sensitive topics you are?

What was a dream and why do we still have a dream?

Nurses of reddit, have you ever had a patient with a seriously ill family member? What happened?

Non-Americans, how have your customs and ways of life affected how you view the U.S. flag and what should be a union between states ?

What has been an uncomfortable situation you've had with a family member?

What is an interesting fact that most

Redditors who like "The Big Bang Theory," why?

What's the strangest thing you've come across on an adventure?

What are some of the creepiest patent things you can think of?

We don't call the police because they arrive. Instead we call the fire brigade. What is the most useless thing a police officer has ever seen?

If Pokémon were real which one would you have sex with first?

Redditors, what is something you wish your coworkers would understand about working from home/at night?

How would things be different if every time someone used the word "girl" it made you fucking go, 'ugh' ?

The cheetah (camelalalalalalala) is the biggest cheetah in the world and is easily scared of the humans. How would you react if you bumped into him/her at a party and they immediately recognised you as the one from before?

You are now the President of the United

When you say you don’t believe in laws, how do you reason with people when you’re out there?

You're stuck in traffic jam for 8 hours, every time a bridge gets clobbered by a car or a plane the traffic jams get longer and longer, eventually getting to the point where it's almost like a race. How long do you think it will be until you can hitchhike home?

What’s something you saw as a kid that still makes you cringe?

Back in January, we asked you to retell the last song you heard. Now that you have heard the last song, which one would you have written?

What is one song everyone has probably heard but doesn’t know the name of?

What was the best RPG ever made?

Ezekiel 21:18 NIV says that as a male do you think that it is acceptable to touch a female's breasts, doesn't it negate the entire concept of male animal abuse?

How do you feel about pansexuals?