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What did your parents tell you as a kid that you don’t think any of us do?

What if 2020 was like 2007? That is, every year brings us closer to the worst-case scenario but every year brings us even closer?

What is the strangest thing you have heard from an otherwise normal person?

What could you give to 1000 year old you?

What would you do in silence if you were the one to say: "This is completely consensual, but my neighbour has to clean up after me"?

What's a place well worth the visit?

What were some of the best things Donald

What's a quote that everyone knows but you don't know the name of?

What is a little known but underrated artist who has some amazing artwork to their name?

How have your life changed since the birth of your child?

You've found a suitecase full of $750k in cash in

who is the funniest person in history?

People of Reddit who own and/or are proud owner of cats. If so, how do you like your life?

Did you ever have a moment where you thought he was…

U.S. citizens, what is a proper relationship like?

What is your favorite reddit moment ?

If someone offered you 500k to watch a porno would you do it?

What do you think about Bill Hicks?

Pepole over the age of 18 who own and operate their own businesses, do you:

What is something that you can do that most people can’t even begin to comprehend?

What’s the one thing that is 100% natural, but most people find difficult to believe?

what new skill have you picked up as a adult?

What's your wish will you never get?

What are some good games that were developed by a Child and are still available to this day?

What's the fastest you've seen someone become indifferent to crime?