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Tattoo artists, whats it like?

Cows of India, how do you feel about buff dudes of reddit?

How does one go about becoming gen Z?

Hey Reddit, what are some of the coolest ways you have overcome adversity?

Are you guys affected negatively by life imitating art?

People who said "Karen" during Sex and the City. How do you feel about that commercial now that shes been cancelled?

Ex-homophobes, what was your moment where you realized you

Gamers of Reddit, how has it affected you mentally that you are no longer a child prodigy but a complete nerd?

Can I offer you a piece of advice ?

What’s the best response to "You're so shallow" from someone who knows you?

We're halfway through 2020, how will things be in the year 2025?

what's something important everyone should know about your country?

What is one scene from your childhood that you can definitely remember?

Why do some video games have loading screen tips, but no loading screen?

Have you ever had a dream so good, that you ended up sad when you woke up ? Explain.

You're about to be cloned, but before you are, what quirks and imperfections of the clone do you most like?

Other guys seem to have an advantage and if we were all average like the majority of the population, how would the world be ?

People who have legally killed someone, why?

Furries of reddit, why do you still make this meme?

When did you have a "moment" when you realized your childhood imagination was way out of whack?

PS4 owners: why do you own a console?

Redditors with low self confidence's, how do you go about your day?

For the Reddit, UK, and Ireland. Do you have Reddit Headquarters?

[Serious] non-whites (i.e. aunties and uncles) of Reddit, have you ever shown your aunties affection? If so, how?

Redditors, as a couple, what were some particularly awkward moments between you two that were way out of proportion to reality?