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What else could

What is something other people have an issue with?

What was the last song that you listened to in its entirety?

People who can invent a plausible story about an event, why can't you do the same with your life?

Does the labeling 'men are

To all of the men out there... what's something a lot of them do that isn’t considered sexual?

What's your opinion on the fact that we are a cucked species?

People who say they have good manners, what exactly do you mean by that?

You are the sole provider of 26 (cont) year old Rick Astley with 4 kids and everything he has is given to you. What is his sweet tooth and how will you use it?

What's your earliest memory from your childhood?

What is a song that had the best cover or remix of a song from the 90s?

What's a "Let that sink in" good come back?

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you would die? How did you die?

Why does reddit go on and on about pedophilia and child molestation so much, when there are so many other subreddits dedicated to just assuring us that we have the best internet possible?

You are given a $10 bill to rub on your back, what do you use it for?

How do you feel about naked dancing in the woods next to a bonfire?

Your Reddit Username Is Now a Full Name, Which One Is It?

People of reddit with tits what is the most annoying thing a stranger has done to you?

Without naming it, what is your favourite memory from the 90s?

[Serious] How do you get over the person you thought was the one and only?

What is the best place to get some fresh air in 2020?

If Pokemon Go was a game developed specifically for the USA, what would the game's interface and gameplay be?

It's that time again... again where you need to be in order to maximize your impact. How do you do it?

What's a song you love but would be embarrassed to play on the radio?

If you were a business with a logo on it, what would your logo say?