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Hey Reddit! What would a seamless, one-click upgrade be for you?

What's something about yourself that sounds like a total flop but is actually an amazing talent?

What song just isn't racist?

What would have happened to the world if everyone had understood how serfs got their food?

[serious] In what way do you think life would change if 1% of the population had super powers?

Do you support legalizing pot for medical/research?

What are some issues that are fucked up but no one talks about?

What is the single greatest thing that ever happened to you in a game of dare?

Who else thinks George Floyd was an asshole but still supports him 100%, despite all evidence to the contrary?

What do you think about LG releasing a "phable" version of their device that has no games or apps?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a celebrity? If so what's going on with them?

Mallrats and Super Bowl ads? Why or why not?

What is a song everyone should hear but you won’t?

What are the reasons why people like r/atheism are so overrated?

Female redditors of reddit, has he ever approached you to masturbate, if so what is it?

What was something that you lost interest in as time passed ?

Redditors who talk in their sleep,

What else could Hulk Hogan do to outsmart The Undertaker?

What was your “my parents were such dicks to me” moment?

What is an extreme over reaction you've seen from a child that you just couldn't handle?

Ladies of Reddit - what is the most obvious sign of a hand on you, something you have never experienced before?

Why do you guys hate TRULY loyal conservatives like me?

If your life was a book, what is the title of the last 60,000 words?

What is something you saw several times in your life that made you say, “this is stupid'?

What's the best song to annoy someone?