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If you could rid yourself of one annoying closet rule what would it be?

U2 fans: when did you first hear the name U2 and what was it like?

If you are able to drop the ball as high as possible and still make the most of your jump, what are your top 3?

What’s your favorite pokemon and why?

Do you guys get depressed easily and why do you guys do that?

How did you ever decide to become a police officer?

Boys, how did you come up with your nicknames?

TL;DR: Hell is the elevator. You can't get out.

Rich white people of reddit, what are some ways your family has helped you along the road to success?

What would you call a person that could read minds?

As a child, what was your first "thing" that actually became a reality?

What is your wish for the baby boomer generation?

What if skin colour is not real?

what makes you feel manly/womanly?

Anyone else wonder if there is a psychological effect to racism?

what was a major trend that was either too good to be true or too good to be true but isn't?

Anime and Manga = Porn ?

What movie would've been better if it had a different cast and a different plot?

The Lord of the Rings is rated PG-13, meaning it’s allowed to use one F-bomb. How would you feel about a rating system where F-bombs are prohibited but Landmines, Rap lyrics, and drug references are encouraged?

People of Reddit, what language do you think in 2 minutes and 40 seconds?

Who’s your favorite father in fiction and film?

It has been announced that MCU:DCEVS is going to be Avengers vs X-Men. What do you think Marvel is doing right now to improve upon Avengers: Age of Ultron?

What is a great movie that you loved as a child but as an adult just could not watch anymore?

What are some tips for someone with no social skills to start off a conversation with a friend?

If you could instantly be fluent in any one language that you do not currently know, which would you pick?