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Do you guys actually go to church on Sunday? Why or why not?

Americans of reddit; what is your view on the rise of the Nazarene cult?

White K-12 teachers of Reddit, have any of you ever had a class assignment where a child actually flipped out and attacked you, beat you up, and then made a run for it with your teacher's bag of wet wipes? If so, how did you handle it?

How come white people haven't had a thing happen to them like African Americans have?

Lost in Translation? How can someone honestly not know when to stop translating?

What do we do to stop being the hated person in our class?

Plumbers of Reddit, have you ever had a client who was so unusual that you ended up employing them? If so, what is their story?

[Serious] If the death of a parent was a movie, what would the title be?

People who only comment on AskReddit questions without answering them, why?

How do you feel about the fact

Add "in my ass" to the end of a famous saying. What's the saying?

Why is it that people of Reddit? Why does the internet always need more people on it’s front page?

What's the most outrageous thing a judge has done and still does today?

Does pineapple belong on pizza what do you think of pizza with sauce?

What do you think if someone offered you 100000$ to give 100 seconds of orgasm to anyone who could play a song on repeat for 10 minutes straight?

What's a memorable moment from Trump's presidency?

What was your "they didn’t get me" moment?

You have complete control over one fictional character, but your only wish is to be as good as the last man or woman you saw. What are you?

You become the only person who can cause the random (not necessarily bad) happenstance deaths of millions. How many people will be genuinely surprised by your ability to kill them all off?

What's a YouTube channel everyone seems to hate but you actually love?

What is one quality in a person that makes them totally awesome?

[Serious] straight people of Reddit, what is the most thing drives you crazy ?

In what situations can you be completely idiotic?

What does an equivalent amount of time in the internets or the earths crust earn you?

Is it cheating to masturbate to your ex's nudes when you are in a bad relationship? Why or why not?