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How would you feel about a free tampon tax ?

Kpop stans what do you think of the trending girl groups and their stans?

Men, what’s a male version of a Karen?

what do you think of greta thunberg?

What is the most irrational thing a coworker has ever said

People who get horny easily, why do you do it?

The scenario is the same as the movie The Big Short. You have a ton of cash, but nothing but a ton of nsfw porn. What do you do?

what are the benefits of quitting your job ?

What are the reasons girls shouldn’t drive?

Former racists of reddit, what was the final straw?

People who are killing it on

How do you feel about someone who says the N word in front of you, but keeps saying "amigos" instead?

All religions are basically the same, so what are some similarities/contrasts between them?

What kinds of questions do you upvote?

What are your concerns about the BLM protests?

Racist trolls, what are your personal experiences with racism from a media perspective

Redditors of reddit, what is one thing you wish other people knew about you?

If you could keep any object from everyone you know, what would it be?

What’s the funniest story you’ve heard from an awkward situation?

Your drinking problem is now a problem doppelganger. What is it?

If you can have any dream and it has to do with sex what would it be?

When you were first busted for incest, how did police convince you that it was a bad idea?

People with bad breath, what’s the most effective way you've found to relieve it?

If you could exchange one thing with nobody but your family and an imaginary friend, what would it be?

Best Places to Be Found in Downtown Los Angeles?