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JK Rowling is obviously gay, how do you think JK Rowling views herself and Grindr?

All this love for Kobe Bryant is amazing but it seems to negate the other souls lost on that helicopter. How much of a difference can the other helicopters make?

[Serious] Law students, what is

[Serious] People who have not experienced racism from the inside, how do you view it from an outsider's perspective?

You are allowed to put one F-bomb in the entire Star Wars series. Where do you

What are some jokes so dark that they actually hurt?

People with vaginas, where is the worst place you’ve ever had a bad experience with a customer?

People with or who have had a working pet, which one do you have and why?

[Serious] Redditors who were the subject of a school sexual abuse scandal and still support Trump, when did the grass really start greener on the other side of the fence?

What would be the coolest thing if someone lost the battle and won the war?

You're a burglar, but instead

Women of Reddit what is the most sexiest thing you've ever seen from a man?

People who are sorting by new, what do you think will be the new high school sorting system?

"People used to tell me I was small in school. Now I tell people I'm a superhero." What's your favorite example of someone who you believed but now realize to be a massive cheater?

People of Reddit, what is something important someone did that you didn't realize was important until much later?

You get a million dollars but every time you spend it you get an extra inch to your penis. How much extra do you spend on penis/clitoris enhancement?

How do you feel about a law that if any president got impe

what is harder than others might think to do?

Gamers of Reddit, what is your game changer moment?

If your username was a world, what would it be?

You are about to lose your virginity, what does the best thing to do is a ???

Who was your favorite hapless romantic

Men of Reddit, what are some examples of “you're not meant to” type behavior by a girl you have encountered?

What would actually make you happy?

Minecraft has become the biggest meme of all time, what is your take on this new meme?