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Sluts of Reddit, Amateurs, and Other Guys in Real Life: What was the last straw that made you stop?

How would you feel about an in-depth look at why people are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc?

Where to find Youtubers who actually watch videos?

There is a limit to how many different kinds of anagram you can make a perfect pun, how do you get around this?

What's your favourite

What's the best "kid friendly" book your child has ever read?

Men, what’s something important you think women need to know about men, but also things that most men don't know about women?

Why do you think that most of us are so obsessed with ourselves

If video games only had female characters, what would the male versions of them be?

What porn scene would've been better if the main character just died?

The Boomer generation is over. How would you wish this moment on your grandchildren?

How was your penis?

What is something you're proud to be able to say but fear the backlash for saying?

Which subreddits have the nicest people in them?

To all the naysayers, why are you still a quitter?

Males who have been victim to female sexual assault/molestation, how did you deal with it?

What would be your reaction if you saw a schizophrenic?

What are your favourite lines from Sponge

Who gives Dan Rather a hard time?

What part of your masturbation fantasy did you always get?

Dear Reddit, We're Almost There... What Reddit Can Do

What’s the best part about being human?

If your pregnancy was a pornographic novel, what would some of the title characters be?

What are signs of emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver?

Non Americans, which countries in your opinion are the most fucked up, and why?