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People of Reddit who had an accident involving the news, what was that like?

Google has just released Android Lollipop 4.2, which brings a host of new Google features such as an option to reset your Google account, improved security, and much more. What do you think about this new version?

As a capitalist what are your thoughts on the slogan "Under capitalism, you can't have both sh*t and a video game"?

Whats a cartoon that's actually happening?

If somebody confessed to you they are running away from an abusive household, what would be the best way to deal with them?

I was at my friends house trying to clean up his computer for him and his girlfriend when I saw a post on 4chan with his bf and his dog laughing at his porno post. What should i do?

What’s something a lot of people love but you just don't think is possible ?

What’s the most fucked up thing a coworker has done to you?

How would you feel about a show where the main character goes to prison and out of character, but the rest of the cast and crew stay in their home states?

What happened to Reddiquette? How are you planning to deal with r/AskReddit now that it is banned from reddit?

What do you think is the most successful porn scene?

Has anyone ever noticed, when you go out and start acting a fool, you end up being

Why do girls approach you so aggressively?

The last thing you Googled is cuming to kill you. What is that?

Apples are avocados, right?

Men of reddit, what female character in anime is extremely feminine and why?

Guys, what is the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

What food can we all agree is fucked up?

Why would people not want to be dead?

What animal did you think was cute until you saw it clearly?

What is the best sub redditor base

It has now been 95 days since the 1 December

Parents of Reddit, what is your opinion on today's youth culture of going to parties, hook ups, etc. and leaving them to their own devices?

You're being tortured and now your only weapon is your navel. What nugget of information do you give to the tormentor?

Famous people of Reddit, who are you and what happened to them?