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If books could talk then what would the rest of reality be based on books?

What’s a game that most kids (but no adults) don’t play?

Pepole of reddit who worked at Disneyland, what is something they should know about life there?

How would you characterize American football?

What Is the best thing about your childhood?

How would the fact that you are single, change your life ?

What's your favorite low-effort way to make money as a teenager?

What is something you've always wanted to ask a stranger?

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of leaving the woods!

What’s something mildly infuriating that you’re still capable of dealing with to this day?

Ladies of reddit do you prefer to show off your boobs or pussy and why?

What was something your parents made you believe in even though it was completely against your better judgement at the time?

Your stripper name is your favourite candy flavour. Which is the best thing about strippers?

What was something your family did that you did not realize was normal until you grew up and found out?

What is the fastest you've seen a movie out of all the movies you have ever watched?

What can people do to make the transition to a "normal" life easier for you?

People with and without phones, how do you navigate between your phones at work and while at a friends house/become a total twat?

How do you think your government /president should spend more on education, training, and border control?

What was the best thing ever said by a TV character?

People who have found reddit "FULLFILLED", how?

Why don't people get mad at people who upload fanart to DeviantART?

People who put 'People' at the start of their search: Why?

If Pets are real, why do you have multiple pets?

You've just spent a day in the life of 'The Borg,' the first thing you see is a painting. What's the first thing you do?

What is the best analogy you can give to your job?