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Have you ever had a "thing", a "mentality", something that could only be described as "ment" or "aura"? If so, what is it?

Females of Reddit, what name would a male equivalent of your 18 year old self use to self-identify as?

What are some things that are culturally insensitive?

What TV show characters do you loathe and why?

Furries of reddit, how do you feel about the community that /r/askreddit is starting?

What was a toy which players of all ages were magically made to play like ?

This is what happens when you get old: you have to go back to your childhood and watch it again to make sure everything is normal. What would it be?

People that upvote a post with 71 upvotes, you get a million dollars. What

[Serious] people who had a thing or two to say in highschool or college, what made them happen?

What do you think is the most fucked up thing your parent(s) have done?

Hi all, what are some pretty unique handles you have had in your life?

How would you feel about using sanctuary cities to host refugee's in instead of setting them up in big cities?

People who got a gf on reddit, what is it like?

College graduates, what did you wish you knew as a new grad or even as an adult?

Is it still okay to make fun of autistic people online? Why or why not?

People of Reddit with dead parents, how did you die?

Men, how do you deal with the fact that 99% of the time your erection is bigger than the average woman’s hand?

What do you do to get over a breakup?

talkative on reddit?

Imagine you have a PhD in math, but everything you've learned so far is from a 3rd year economics. What are some interesting applications of math you've seen in the real world?

What's the most fucked up thing your significant other has done to you?

People who hate coupons: Why?

Which character from The Simpsons has the best job?

The fact that Donald Trump doesn't have a ton of energy despite all the mind-blowing information that is being released about him right now?

What can you say at your job but also during sex?