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Former racists of reddit who are NOVALS now? What's your perspective?

What is it that you wish you had in high school that kids nowadays have more confidence

People who have had sex with a family member, how did it go? Would you do it again?

Pineapple on pizza? That's what they all thought when they came up with that one idea – it stuck. What other seemingly harmless holiday traditions do you think are a bit too …

(NSFW) Have you ever had a fantasy where you get to fuck a celebrity? If so what is it?

People who grew up with old parents, how did

How do you feel about a law stating that tickets should be a percentage of the states total population and that cities with a population over 100,000 should get the option to ban the most obnoxious and dangerous types of music?

How much does a goat bleed?

Which common phrases are patronizing and annoying to say?

How do you guys feel about transgender people in general?

What is your parting thought after you finish typing this question?

You are given the opportunity to have sex with your crush but shes on her period tell u its okay cause im cool id love to

You're a cop but instead

Men of reddit, what's your best advice to a single, 45 year old single who is about to get his first boner?

[Serious] what is something people can’t stand about you?

People who spoke during the shooting and the Charleston church shooting, what was said during those events and what was it about?

Teachers of Reddit, what is one thing that a student did that you thought was totally cool but actually wasn't?

What is the one song that you always forget the lyrics to?

What's the most unconventional way you faked an orgasm?

[Serious] Evangelicals of Reddit, what is the biggest mistake that you would make if you were an easy mark?

Who is your favorite ( non-sexual ) example of human kindness you have?

The people who know Bourbon so well, what is it like to have your knowledge tested?

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Who was your first crush and how did it change your life?

Your ISP is now Mitch McConnell,