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Redditors with uteruses, how does it feel? Do you feel bad?

How would your olympics opening ceremony be different if the host team was

What would be a good name for a relationship that is 100% exclusively for men?

Gamers of Reddit, what is one thing a lot of people don't get about gaming?

Why are so many redditors so obsessed with us?

You can bring one Sci-Fi technology to real life. What would it be?

why you so anal about not making racist jokes?

People who were the reason a loved one got sick, whats your story?

What fictional character would you like to have sex with?

If penis/vagina was a video game, what would some loading screen tips be?

Redditors with children under the age of 18, what have you been doing to help them while you were parental?

What would you call the gender swapped version of your favorite celebrity?

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit, What Songs (Artist, Song) Have You Considered Compilating ?

What’s your go-to "safe space" spot?

Why should anyone care that your boss made fun of you for liking "The O? Cause you're O.K."?

What would a post-apocalyptic world be like without the internet?

Sock fuckers of reddit, why do you do it? Do you enjoy yourself? Do you get excited?

What is a song that’s perfectly in harmony, yet you thought was a bit out of tune?

When is a “second chance” actually good for you?

After the election is over, what’s the last thing you want to be remembered for?

The Government released the first version of the "chutzpah" test last night. What is it, and what are the results?

To those who support Trump's anti-Black rhetoric: How are you supporting BLM while also being a Trump apologist?

What is better : romantic/thriller or family?

People who had super powers but only when you looked in the mirror, how did you deal with it?

All your life you watch anime and one day you watch an english anime and thought "Wow this is amazing" then when you opened the show it was porn anime and you lost your shit how the fuck did you react?