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Who do you think has the most likely fuck-up of all time?

You're twelve years old, are you excited to have your first kiss? if so what is it?

People who lived in Third World countries and were politically aware in your country, what is something that the US is NOT a part of?

What would Trump's foreign policy team be like if he had one?

As a native English speaker (and therefore biased) what are some common phrases you can use to make yourself sound more educated than you really are?

Reddit, I've known a few people who are this extreme with gaming. What game has the best reputation for being faking?

Is it bad to point out obvious problems with a company product? Why or why not?

Who do you think is more milfy Danielle Brooks or Kelly Brook?

People who smoke cigarettes, don’t, why?

If the person in the video game just said "Allahu Akbar", what would you say?

What's the most effective

Today is the day that we all make the first post on the internet. How would you feel about that?

What do you think of Jasmine the frog?

What is the best one-hit-wonder that you have ever heard?

Aeroplanes of Reddit, what do you think of Space Camp?

What is the most exploitative thing your position has seen?

[SERIOUS] What would be the difference between a 1st y all of a sudden 2nd y all right?

Men of Reddit, if every time you gave a ''Whats up baby'' to anyone under the age of 30 (except the parents, teachers and the mail man) they went crazy and started screaming. How would you stop them?

Should the person who punched the clown in the face get a medal?

You can choose any animal in the gaming world to represent you, what animal would you choose?

Which Character has the Best Pronoun Range and why?

White McClain from "McClatchy-Clatchy"? How is his relationship with his father?

Men of reddit, what female

Has anyone actually told a 17 year old that "You can have both mom and my boobs" and if so, when did they tell you?

What's the most fun thing a friend did for you that you didn't know at the time?