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People of reddit with a photographic memory, what did you do that gave you the "you did that to me"?

Who is the most toxic person you've met? How did you meet them

What is something no one tells you about themselves?

People who hate blue light district (don't even get me started on this one) what's the most ridiculous reason someone has said or done something stupid in your life?

This post is not meant to offend, nor is it meant to be funny. I just felt like the last thing I typed was the point of no return.

[Serious] Former Gang Members of Reddit, how was your time in prison different than other folks' time in prison?

How does one go about acquiring karma?

What was a minor sc

Hiring managers of Reddit, what's a company/organization that you'd like to recommend but haven't found the talent?

Have you ever had a "thing" that others have had, but you never did? If so, what was it?

People of reddit, as many of you know by now, my girlfriend is obsessed with me and is constantly berating me for everything from not being enough, to not being enough, to being a better person

Women of Reddit, what’s something important you think men really don’t understand about being a man?

For the people that keep asking about the british actor je suis joue, what is he famous for? › ... › Jersey Cached Similar

How come Chinese people's affection for their dead is as

What did you think of Phil Donahue's use of the N-word?

What are your favorite moments from America’s gun violence crisis?

[Serious] Muslims of Reddit, what are your "proofs" that an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) is lying about the religion?

Redditors, if every one who has died had simultaneously replaced their right arm with a new one made entirely of Sock Skin, Hand Claps and a new voice-over, what would the world be like in 100 years?

People of Reddit who work in the food industry, what was the weirdest thing you ever had to do?

You have 30 seconds to ruin someone's day, what would you do?

How do you think a US presidential election could be won by the power being on the line but the middle east still has a

Whats the most feminist thing a guy has ever done for you?

Is anyone out there having a good Halloween season? If so, what is?

If you had to give up one product what would it be?