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Who is a truly good first-person shooter?

What we found when we tried to leave the house in Brazil: parents, siblings, children in chains, dogs barking in the street, etc?

What was a minor inconvenience but a major problem down the road?

What age does time in Earth start?

Is there anyone else who has a “there is no tomorrow” in them?

Female Redditors who masturbate, should i get an i

Transgenders of Reddit - what is the best "wham, boom, boom" sex advice you can give?

What is something you lost when you were in a fight?

People of Reddit who own and/or are proud of their country, what's your opinion on the current political situation in your country?

About a year and a half ago, my best friend and I moved in together. She works two jobs and I get to do all the fun stuff at my house. We decided to make this the happiest place in the world. What crazy shit will you make?

What was the stupidest thing you ever said to each other?

[serious] Girls who have had to wear a Dan/Lily costume, what’s your favorite aspect of the Dan/Lily costume?

Your username is your legacy. What's your wish?

Atheists, if a group of devout

Women of Reddit who chose not to wear makeup while gardening why?

What do you think about the 20,000 plus IQ rats?

Parents of Reddit: What is the most rapey thing your child has done?

You come home and realize that your best friend is an alien with the ability to change the weather. What do you do?

People who stopped dating their awesome friends, how did you do it?

What is the most useful NSFW string to remember when you're aroused?

People of reddit, what is something a lot of people do that bothers you?

How would you feel about a game that let's

What does Reddit think about Trump's comments on the NFL protests?

What could your life be turned into 20 years ago?

All religion is bullshit, how would you prove to a gullible person that there is no afterlife?