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Trump supporters of Reddit, what's something good Trump

You’re having sex and the person you are have sex with says “get some life” what do you say?

What's your stupidest dream?

[Serious] redditors who work in the food industry, what was the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do on set?

What is the best "Who would you have sex with" question you've ever heard?

What is your autobiography?

What is your go to panic button?

What's your most creative accounting disaster to date?

Gamers of Reddit, what are some distinguishing features of the other gender's personalities?

People of Reddit who wear their face mask up, why?

How would you feel about a world in which guns are banned?

The automatic meaning of "because she is prettier that way" is utterly pointless. It just means that she is prettier by default. Why do people use it?

Guys of Reddit, how is it like having a boner?

Boys, what is the most shocking thing you have done to a girl?

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt that he is wearing in the new "Rob Thomas" commercial?

Today is International Men's Day. To those of us who are still teaching, advising, or otherwise assisting men, what can we do to celebrate and help them achieve their goals?

How would you celebrate your 31st birthday?

What's the best way to mess with people ?

What’s the most fucked up thing you’ve heard at a funeral?

Would you marry a woman with an identical twin (same skin color, same haircut, etc)? If yes, why?

What is the best "just to be safe" thing you've ever done?

What was your “closeted covetousness turned out to be the most basic human instinct’?

People of reddit, what is the best laid plans of yours ever gone wrong?

Have you ever regretted the day you lost your virginity? If so why ?

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