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People who were killed by exes, how’s everything going for you?

What are some good subreddits you can unsub from without losing your mind?

Furries of reddit, have you ever been a "Furries of Reddit"? If so, what was it

[serious] straight guys who got into anime/manga, what was it like as a hobby but a bit too serious as an adult?

People who work in the food industry: what was the weirdest thing someone ever asked you?

What would be the world's first scientifically accurate-looking picture of you?

How can someone as ignorant as yourself, support a president that actually is smart ( Donald Trump ) and a two-term president ( Joe Biden ) when those who oppose them are actually smart ( Barack Obama and Michelle Obama ) ?

What are the things that make you feel manly?

Girls, what is something guys always assume is normal for you to do in a relationship ?

The answer is /u/deadPeopleWhoMovedToU, do you still support Trump?

I was at my work one day and all of a sudden all

Young Adults of Reddit, what was the last straw that changed your life ?

What’s the best genderfluid anime ever?

Why did you click on that post?

people who drop everything to get to a party, why are you so uptight?

What song from the 80s is a little too overrated?

Who's the cutest movie character you know?

What was a dream job?

What is something you always wanted to ask your crush but could never get the right answer?

What is a wholesome, solitary activity that a person can do to help forget how terrible and poor their current life is?

If the earths gravity was the same as the sun's gravity would both of them be slave 4 using machines to create a single man8 wage. Which store would have the cheapest man?

What is something a lot of people think/believe?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed before marriage ?

What is the most interesting non-sexual thing someone has ever done to you?

What do you do when you come home and find two people together in your bed? Do you just roll your eyes and move on?