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What are some positive changes made to CSA by switching to the gold standard?

What are some things that are "just a phase" for you?

This will be the year GamerGate fails.

How can you get Reddit to stop crawling onto your front lawn like some kind of furry pervert?

Is it offensive to say that you like your gender swapped androgynous names to be what they are now? Why or why not?

Ex-Trump voters, what was your moment when you realized he wasn't the president?

Children of SpaceX who have now got to experience the weightlessness for yourself, what did you see that they didn't get to see?

Have you ever had a dream

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully puke in public? If so, how did you overcome your fear?

If you were the CEO of a porn site, what types of adult content would you feature?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you and your mom is now in the same one thing is there any competition? if so which would it be?

What are the things that you’ll never do, never give up ?

Who’s most annoying bender in the zombie apocalypse?

Democrats who will be voting for Trump in November: who do you think he should be courting right now?

Boyfriends of Reddit, What’s a Sweet Spot For Your Spouse Where The Other Guy Isn’t?

The age of Sheryl Sandberg is here. How will Facebook and Instagram react to this?

Gamers of Reddit, what's your greatest achievement?

People who call yourself "Super Mario" (Super Mario 64, or whatever else comes to mind) what is the real story behind it?

What simple thing makes you smile

How would you feel about raising a sea creature that grows human teeth like toilet paper?

People who wear pants around here.... why?

Vegans of reddit, when purchasing meat, what special about meat makes you ask, "Why the f**k do people eat meat?"

(NSFW) I was attracted to older people and was turned on by it. Am I just a weirdo?

My girlfriend is a cleaner in a hotel. All the hotel employees are fucking their desk with no sanitation. I would be interested to know what you think.

what was the most awkward moment where you accidentally came on to the wrong person?