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How has

What's the best way/place to start a conversation with a stranger?

Taco Bell can now 'throttle' what types of food you get to eat what do you order?

Yo, what the fuck is that scent you find in all these cities?

College graduates, did you ever thought you'd be a teacher? What made you want to become a teacher?

What is your favorite Youtuber?

The Seattle school board has voted 3-2 to make STEM a separate subject in order to combat bullying. What's your reaction?

Would you stop dating the one guy you really like if you found out he was a Karen?

Which cat’s best friend is the best friend?

What games sound better than the games they replace?

What's your opinion on the culture of twerking?

What is something that is uncomfortable to talk about, but is necessary in the fight?

(NSFW) what do you think of your gf being lesbian?

If your life was a musical, what would one of the songs be?

When is the right

Smokers, will you be prioritising second helping your friends over quitting completely? Why or why not?

What are some funny cat videos you've seen online?

People who told your crush they were cute once, how did it affect them now?

Guys, why are you single ?

With all the hate going around right now, it can be difficult to keep sane. How can you make Ant-Man a popular meme?

People who support Trump, why? (Serious)

What are some awesome cosplay posts on Reddit?

What's a song everyone has heard but doesn’t always know the name of?

[Serious] What is an interesting secret that most people don't know about?

If someone offered you 1000$ per month to take the piss where would you take it?