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You are now the manager of social media strategy for NU. What are the new features of your new position?

What's the best game ever made?

People with anime/manga experience, what was the equivalent of an anime to an Manga?

The lyrics of one song describe the state of being stuck in traffic. What are other weird, weird, or otherwise interesting places people have stuck their cars in traffic jams in various ways?

[SERIOUS] Transgender people of Reddit, what is your most defining moment that made you realize you were in the 'wrong' body?

It's the year 2050 and the term “ok millennial” is trending. What is the topic

What does a large insect like the daddy in your cartoons think of his little son?

What's a movie that when you heard the ending, you went, "Oh my God, that was a f*cked up movie!"

How do you feel about Carlos Slim Helu?

Have you ever been in a road rage incident? If so what was the reason?

Where to find Rob Thomas' incoherent ramblings?

Gay redditors, how was the advent of live-streaming and why do you prefer to live vicariously?

What does it feel like to be the center of attention?

If Obama was a woman what would his name be?

Can’t wait to die...

What is the best way to deal with an emotionally unavailable friend?

Do you guys have any bad moments because of what you like or dislike about your childhood?

Whats the most Cute/Ugly thing a person has done to you in a game of yours?

Guys, what are some female Marvel characters you'd like to get your panties in a bunch/rave?

What is the most creative way you've damaged/abused/destroyed a company?

If you could pick one piece of artwork to use in your workplace what would it be?

Is Trump the best president?

What was your worst frick?

Ladies, if your nipples had been shaped like this when you were a girl, what things would you have done for fun?

The end of the world is nigh, what’s your last words?