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The Iowa Straw Poll is officially called The Iowa Straw Poll and it's held on the last Saturday of April. The top four vote getters get to keep their clothes and keep eating cereal while the other four get kicked in the nuts. Who do you think will win and why?

What was something you bought for yourself that made you say, “this isn’t for me”?

If there was a world war III and all life support was removed from the planet, what is the nuclear war?

Early access to new technologies

What do you do to test your friends intelligence?

The lives of our ancestors changed forever when they had a sex change operation. What would your fantasies be about a people who underwent such a procedure?

What’s the biggest problem drinking games are and how do you break them?

What would be the best card game for 2-4 players ?

What the fastest way you’ve injured

Couples who have

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, what are some of your greatest fears/insecurities and how did you approach them as a person?

What were some of your worst compadres in highschool?

What’s a famous person's opinion on white supremacy?

Doctors, whats it like treating sick people?

What is the most badass thing a police officer has done?

What question would you ask a Japanese guy and how would you approach him?

What's a place well-known for hosting 'King Krule Parties' but little known for hosting '

How do you feel about the fact that you're in the first 100 people to be killed off of earth?

Why is the word "bar" always included in conversations about sexual topics? It just doesn't belong.

Ex-Trump fans: what was the last straw?

What are some good ways to be productive with nothing but an internet and a Windows 7 laptop?

Cavaliers-Rockets games 24-27, which team do you feel better about now?

If cartoons were girls toys, what would toys be boys today?

What's your favourite type of comment you see upvoted to the front page?

Current events can be a bit overwhelming at times. What are some wholesome (positive) examples of how society has changed since the end of the world?