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Females of Reddit, what is the best way to make a guy seem more submissive?

Redditors who were involved in incest, how did the experience compare to others you know?

Latest TV Anime Series

What subreddit do you feel like you really know?

What are some reasons to vote for Trump 2020?

What's the best 'flippy tit' story you know?

Seventh grader gets fired for bringing his skateboard in lunch. What other outrageous stories would you have students read for testing?

What's a joke so stupid it's funny?

How do you feel about #BlackLifeMatters and the police brutality cases?

People with assholes who don't know what they are, how'd you come up with your nickname?

If you had to invent a new brand to confuse people, what would it be?

Without saying what the category is, what are some great examples of the 'rules' of a good novel ?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a student who was so clever in hiding their homework that you ended up having to spend an entire lesson explaining everything you did wrong? If so, how did you handle that?

Law enforcement officers of Reddit, what's the funniest story you've heard from an angry ex ?

The White House on Monday released a list of 26 demands for Trump's "sober first week" as president. Some of the demands are laugh-out-loud absurd and some are more serious. What's your take on this new jerk in the White House?

People who disagree with Trump on policy grounds, why?

What's a good feature in a girl?

It's Black History Month. We all know about racism, but what are some black books that are worth a look?

What is something that you can only see the half of?

How do I mute my internet?

19. Going to college to get a degree is expensive, what are some "free" things on the internet?

I caught my two 8 year old nephews violently sexually harassing my 6 year old daughter... When I confronted their father (my brother) I was told "boys will be boys". Why do people excuse this kind of behavior in males?

In America what is the "N word" that is still considered "offensive"?

What is the most badass thing you've done?

What is the most boomer thing your generation has done?