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People of reddit with enough knowledge to become an actual cop, what's your specialty?

What is the most badass thing that has ever happened to you?

What are some steps a person can take to

People who worked on shows like Lost and Curb Your Enthusiasm, what was the most crazy story you can tell about a coworker?

WWE Raw goes dark in America, but is Britain going to bootleg it?

People who constantly complain about China or Muslims being terrorists, why do you do it?

Men of reddit. How do you deal with the fact that your penis is in the vagina?

People who have actually had sex with a family member, what was it like? Would you do it again?

People of Reddit, what is one memory that always makes you smile every time you think about it?

Should Reddit be shut down? Why or why not?

What are some interesting economics puzzles/determinants to this world?

What’s the most thing scares you about your country?

If your life was a video game, what is the class ending?

Do you guys have any concerns about fat girls and big guys? How can we minimise the impact of social issues that girls experience and what can we do to increase the acceptance of fat people in society?

What are some decent paying jobs that are well suited to someone with no prior knowledge of human nature?

Is There A Movie/TV Show That You Want To See Again? Why Or Why Not?

Redditors who like to organize their lives, what was the most unexpected gift that you or someone you know gave a present?

What is something that you feel is 'Underrated' ?

What is an example of you having an overactive imagination, and how do you control it?

Redditors who bought the GTA V for real, how did you feel about the game when you played it for the first time?

You accidentally spill a pot pie filling on your kitchen floor. You're 19 and terrified and Josh wants to marry you but he's seen it before and he says baby boomers are immortal and you're not?

It has been confirmed: November 2016 will be known as "Manhattan Syndrome Month". What day would you celebrate this day and why?

What is your go-to productivity cheat?

What would you recommend as a replacement for the cop on the street?

Insecure people of reddit, what is the most unfunny story you have ever heard from an "Unhinged" friend?